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Revolving Horses 6P

Timeú║6/4/2024 10:42:10 PM

Revolving Horses 6P

Revolving Horses 6P

Carousel also named merry go round, it is one of most popular and traditional amusement ride in park and outdoor or indoor playground.

Carousel is divided into two styles (top-drive and under drive). In the first, it is just under drive style, folding, made by four main parts, round track, base bottom, ceiling decoration , and horses or cars; as time goes on, it is improved into top-drive style, made by three main parts, round base bottom, ceiling decoration , and horses or cars or other rides.

Amusement park rides Carousel Parameter

Product Name Zhongshan merry go round amusement park 6 seat Revolving Horse Carousel earn money
Rated Load 6riders
Diameter D2200mm
Height H2830mm
Speed of the plate 4.5rpm
Lift height 180mm
Voltage 220V
Power 1.1KW
Material Fiberglass + Steel
Function Amusement &Relaxation
Type Amusement park equipment coin operated mini carousel for kids merry go round for sale
Warranty 12 Months
Usage Kindergarten/ residential park/ school/ park/ amusement park/ shopping mall/ supermarket/ Square/ Game center etc.

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