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12/16 Seats Ice Age Carousel

12 Seats Merry go Round

12 Seats Forest Carousel

26 Seats Luxury Carousel

6 Seats Revolving Horses

5 Seat mini Frog Jump

6 Seats Frog Jump

5 Seats Mini Frog Jump

16 Seats Space Plane

24 Seats Self Control Plane

12 seats Space Roller

12 Seats Dinosaur Egg

12 Seats Dino Ride

8 Seats Convoy car

12 seats Fire Brigade

32 Seats Convoy Car

12 Seats Mecha Coaster

24 Seats Trackless Train

14 Seats Ocean Train

14 Seat Zooland

14 Seats Train

4 Seats Happy Farm

18 UFO

10 Seats Bimodal coasters

10 Seats Dream Flying Car

8 Seats Auto Bee

12 Seats Magic Train

8 Seats Sea Tagada

8 Seats Magic Plate

16 Seats Little Pendulum

10 Seats Happy Clown

6 Seats Up Down Tower

18 Seats Dream Candy

12 Seats Pirate ship

10 Seats Paradise Flowers

12 Seats Colorful Chair

32 Seats Happy Jellyfish

24 Seats Self Control Seashell

10 Seats Revolving Seaspray

12 Seats Mermaide

4 Seats Honey pot

16 Seats Rose

5 Seats Litte Tiger

8 Seats Mini Crabs

8 Seats Octopus Paul

8 Seats Honey Bee

4 Seats Sweetland

3 Seats Tour Bus

Space Flight

F1 Kiddie Rides

Up And Down Jet

3 Seats London Bus

4 Seats Royal Chair

2 Seats Pirate ship

2 Seats Tractor

2 Seats Pungy Car

UFO-Kiddie Ride

2 Seats SUB

Police Moto

Flyfishing Master 4P

Deep Sea Fishing 2P

Fishing Master

Happy Scooter

Crazy Canoe

Crazy Stack

Subway Surfers


Pirate Adventure

Monster Hero

Lucky Fish

Happy Dolphin£¨Shooting ball / Water Shooting£©

Ocean World

Shark Wheel

Fortune Quest

Kitty Fishing

Fish Island

Hit The Clown

Super Beehive

Hit The Penguin

Beat the snowman

Bee Hero

Dino Bob

Funny Polar Bear

Funny Shooting

Funny Party

Monster Hunter

Super Cannon


Super Soldier

Pirate Battle

Castal fun

Space Research

Racing Car

Fun Jungle Kart

Baby Kart

Fruit Rebellion

Funny Monkey

Snow Hockey

Coconut Hockey

British Hockey

Spaceship Hockey

Sweet Land4

Frog Prince

Critter Quitter (Single Player)

Critter Quitter (Multiplayer)

Meteor Ball

Basketball Star

Crazy Car


Magic Star

Bumper Car

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