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Frog jump - pink

Timeú║5/14/2020 1:34:04 AM

Frog jump - pink

Frog Jump

Frog jump is a popular amusement ride. It belong the kids ride in amusement ride. It is very suitable for kids. And the frog jump is a thrilling ride. You will be flying in the sky when you ride the frog jump. This Frog Jump have two size, H3700mm and H4300mm, it must be a very crazy product!!

Amusement park rides Frog Jump Parameter

Product Name Zhongshan amusement fall tower rides Frog Jump mini drop ride crazy for kids
Rated Load 5riders
Length*Weight L3500í┴W3500mm (with Fence)
Height H3700mm/ H4300mm /H7300mm(Can Customized)
Lift height 1500/1700mm/6000mm
Voltage 380V
Power 8KW
Type Amusement park equipment kiddie rides Frog jump slow game machine
Material Fiberglass+ Steel
Warranty 12 Months
Usage Amusement park/ Theme park/ Square/ Supermarket/ Shopping mall/ Game center

Frog Jump Alibaba Link, please check here.

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